Featuring Whaling Wall #88 and the Guinness World Record Holding Largest Painted American Flag.

Internationally famous artist Wyland and Legendary Marina created a world record with this painted American flag mural on top the roof of the Legendary Marine in Destin.

The impressive mural is 3.8 acres in size with the words God Bless America on it. While it may be on a roof, it is one of the first things you'll see when you head in to Destin.

The sides of the marina storage facility itself are also covered in Wyland art. The Destin wall was completed in 2001 with the help of a huge team of community volunteers at Legendary Marine. It is viewed each year by tens of thousands of people as they drive into Destin after crossing south over the Destin Mid-Bay Bridge.

“We know now that water connects all the countries of the world,” Wyland says. “Our goal with these projects over the last three decades has been to convey the urgency of conservation issues to the public."

While the sea life mural is dedicated to environmental conservation, the record holding flag mural on top of the building is dedicated to all military and first responders. It can be viewed by pilots and passengers who fly over beautiful Destin, Florida.