At Legendary we believe your boating experience should begin the moment you get the urge to head out on the water.


Scheduling your next launch is as simple as visiting the BoatCloud app on your smart phone or tablet. Upon your request, we will retrieve your boat and ensure that any fuel or ice requests are completed. Once you arrive, you step onto a spotless boat that is completely provisioned as you requested for your day of boating memories!

Additionally, upon your return, you simply step off your boat and we take things from there. Before your boat is tucked away in its home, we provide a soap wash from the rub rail down and any necessary engine flushing.  

Experienced Harbor
Master and Staff
Designated Parking Areas
Fuel & Ship’s Store
Supplies purchased at Cost
Swimming Pool
Soap Wash-down & Engine
Flushing at every Haul-Out
and Haul-In
Loading and Unloading of
your Boat
Service Discounts on parts & labor at Legendary Marine Service Department
Unlimited In/Out
Showers & Restrooms
Full Service Bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Sizing and Specifications

What sizes are available? Although sizes and availability vary by location, our facilities have dry slip units that can accommodate boats up to 50′ in length. Custom sizes are also available. Please contact your Sales Associate for an up to the minute inventory of what is available at the location you are considering. Space availability is limited and any size can sell out at any time.

Measuring Your Boat

One of the most important steps in your dry slip purchase is to know the exact size of your boat. Please refer to the visual guides to ensure that your measurements are being taken in the same manner. (This must be done in the manner represented above to get accurate specifications.)

Although we can not determine the size you require, your boat dealer can help you with actual dimensions, or you can check the boat manufacturer’s website. Remember, if you add radar or other equipment to your boat, you must allow for that when determining the correct size of your dry slip.

What size space do I need?

Now that you have determined the size and weight of your boat add 6″ to both sides, 12″ from the top, and 12″ from the bottom, (this allows clearance for the forklift). For example: if your boat were 8’6″ wide by 9’6″ high by 40′ long you would need a minimum space of 10’x12’x40′. Remember when choosing your space that you consider your boating future, if you think that you may just sell your space and buy a bigger one, consider that there may not be any larger spaces available when you get to that point.

Who are the typical customers for this product?

Anyone who has the “water bug” is a potential customer, which includes most everyone who visits or lives along the Emerald Coast. Obviously, for a boat owner, or someone who is interested in buying a boat, this product is a perfect match for them. Also, any professional who entertains customers and is looking for the amenities of a waterfront country club at a greatly reduced cost compared to other clubs in the area would be a good fit for a Legendary Yacht Club membership.

Do I have to own a boat?

Some of our owners don’t own a boat. Many are investors who never will, and many are future boat owners who are thinking ahead.

Why should I consider purchasing a Dry Slip

There are a number of factors effecting recreational boating that contribute to the need to purchase a dry storage slip. Primarily, this is the case of supply and demand. The increased popularity of boating has placed pressure on the oversubscribed and limited boat storage rental market.

As everyone knows, waterfront property is in high-demand. Small, formerly independent marinas have been purchased by large development companies and turned into residential condominiums. Boat storage rental facilities are often unable to produce the revenue necessary to justify their use of waterfront property. In addition, hazardous weather has destroyed hundreds of slips and environmental and regulatory land use restrictions have further reduced the available supply.

What are the advantages of owning my own dry dock?

Most importantly, ownership will secure a permanent home for your boat, and a membership in a community of active boaters. It provides a boat owner a way to protect one of their largest investments. It gives security and peace-of-mind to a boat owner during storm season. And, it also allows an owner to build equity in a rapidly dwindling resource as demand continues to outplace supply.

Are there property taxes?

Yes. Taxes must be paid on dry docks or wet slips just like any other real estate that your customers own. Please consult our sales director for more information.

Am I allowed to lease the space once it is purchased?

Yes. Our owners can lease their slips. An owner will maintain all of their membership rights while they are leasing their space. Some restrictions may apply, see Leasing Director for details.

What form of ownership is available? And… How do I sell my slip?

A slip can be sold in the same manner as any other real property. Ownership is in fee-simple title with a warranty deed framing ownership of the slip forever. Similar to owning a condominium, all aspects of common and limited elements are detailed in the association documents provided at closing.

Why should I purchase a boat slip from Legendary?

Legendary’s employees have an extensive background in all aspects of marina operations, as well as food, beverage, and hospitality services. Our marina has been voted “Best Customer Service” eight years in a row by Emerald Coast Magazine readers and our service department has over 125 years of experience. Legendary has a complete marine parts facility to supply parts for almost any boat. Legendary has also recently taken delivery of the world’s largest marine forklift capable of lifting boats up to 55,000 lbs. Most importantly, Legendary is experienced in developing and operating strong community associations and has a successful history of operating an award-winning marina facility.

Legendary’s history of quality and service, in conjunction with the 5-star amenities and club privileges offered at Legendary Yacht Club, will continue to add to the value of a dry slip investment.

Interesting stats about boat slips in Florida: In the last 19 years, there’s been a net gain of only 300 wet and dry slip in the State of Florida. Over that same time period, boater registrations have tripled, adding 365,000 new boaters to the state.

In 2006, Florida lost about 2,200 boat slips to residential condo and hotel developers.